Organifi Green Juice Review: Everything You Need to Know (2021)


For many years, green juices have been praised for their incredible health benefits and detoxifying effects among the health-watching community. These juices are easy to consume, convenient, and fairly available on the market. As more and more people approach a healthier lifestyle to boost their immunities, many of them look for the best brand of … Read more

100+ Vegan Meal Prep Ideas Lunch, Breakfast & Dinner (Healthy & Tasty)

vegan meal prep ideas

Are you looking for vegan meal prep ideas that are easy, tasty, and healthy? Then brace yourself because this post has more than 100 meal-prep-friendly ideas that will make cooking for the week easy and stress-free. Meal prepping is good for everyone but especially as a vegan, you’ll never have to worry about finding a … Read more

17 Vegan Female Bodybuilders Breaking All Fitness Stereotypes

vegan female bodybuilder

Are you looking for vegan female bodybuilders to keep you motivated? Then prepare to be inspired! This post contains x vegan female bodybuilders with not only amazing physiques but also admirable ethics and personalities to remind you why you started your vegan fitness journey. While veganism is growing rapidly, we are still a minority and … Read more

23 Vegan Protein Powder Recipes (That Are Not Smoothies)

vegan protein powder recipes

Are you looking for recipes that include your vegan protein powder that are not smoothies? Using your plant-based protein powder on meals, snacks and desserts can help you increase your protein intake while enjoying a delicious treat. Nowadays, there are some high-quality plant-based protein powders with clean ingredients and nice flavors. Some even have added … Read more

Do Fat Burners REALLY work? The True, The False & The Science

do fat burners work

Fat Burners must be among the most sought-after and controversial supplements. But, what everyone wonders before buying is them is…do they actually work? Starting fron the name, they set an already high and even inaccurate expectation since there is no ingredient capable of ‘burning fat’ on its own so it is important to understand how … Read more

6 Best Vegan Protein Powders To Hit Your Weight Loss Goals


We have talked before about the best vegan protein powder and also about vegan weight loss. However, we certainly haven’t yet looked at vegan protein powders with the goal of finding the most suitable and effective for this goal. In its origins, protein powder was created for meat-eating bodybuilders who wanted to supplement their protein … Read more

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Really Vegan? Behind The Bodybuilder’s Diet Switch

arnold schwarzenegger vegan

When non-vegans think about vegan stereotypes, they usually don’t imagine someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former bodybuilder, actor, and California state governor definitely defies the vegan stereotypes. But the question remains…Is Arnold Schwarzenegger 100% vegan? The vegan stereotype is usually pale, skinny, weak, or even female. Words like strong, muscular, or bodybuilder are not common … Read more

Orgain Organic Protein Review | What everyone Should Know Before Buying (2020)

orgain organic protein review

Are you wondering if Orgain Organic Protein is worth the hype? How does Orgain Organic compare with all the great high-quality protein powders out there? The company’s history is based around its founder beating cancer and being inspired to create a brand that really focuses on nutrition. So, is Orgain Organic Protein really free of … Read more

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