7 Best Vegan Fat Burners With Proven Results (Pictures Included)


Are you looking for a vegan fat burner? If you have been vegan for a while, you probably know that there are animal ingredients hidden in the products you’d least expect.

Dieting for fat loss is already hard but there are supplements that can help optimize the process. However, a lot of supplements are not vegan friendly.

In the case of Fat Burners is not so much the active ingredients but the capsules they come in. Most fat burners come in capsules made out of gelatin which comes from the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals. Gross (and definitely not vegan).

So. what if you are a vegan looking to optimize your body’s ability to shed fat?

Luckily, there are fat burners that come in plant-based capsules which makes them vegan friendly and can help to accelerate your weight loss on a plant-based diet.

Moreover, we have looked into the best vegan fat burners available and made sure they are not crammed full of stimulants and harmful ingredients, which some fat burners have been known for.

What are Vegan Fat Burners

When someone is following a diet or workout routine that puts them on a caloric deficit, the body will naturally ‘burn fat’ to use the energy stored in the fat cells to fuel new activity.

Fat burners use different ingredients to promote a higher energy expenditure that creates a bigger caloric deficit and therefore, a bigger need for fat cells to be ‘burn’ for energy.

Fat burners are any dietary supplements or related substances that claim to burn excess fat from your body by increasing fat metabolism or energy expenditure. 

They use several mechanisms like boosting thermogenic processes like raising your basal body temperature and the thermic effect of food (TEF), meaning how many calories it takes to digest and metabolize the food you eat.

Fat burners work in different ways depending on the ingredients they use and how these are combined which can also determine their effectiveness.

Additionally, some fat burners contain stimulants such as caffeine, which can help your body burn more calories but, too much caffeine can also cause unfavorable consequences.

In a similar way, some fat burners ignore muscle gain or maintenance which is essential for long-term healthy metabolism. So, consider choosing a fat burner that also helps to preserve muscle mass.

Best Vegan Fat Burners

1. Editor’s Choice for Men: Performance Lab Vegan Fat Burner

best vegan fat burner

Why do we like it?

  • Made with high-quality ingredients proven to burn fat
  • Enhances calorie burning during exercise
  • Helps you lose fat and keep muscle.
  • Controls appetite and blood sugar levels
  • Vegan-friendly, no fillers

Performance Lab is a relatively new company but in a short time, they have managed to gain a reputation and position themselves for their quality and commitment to results-driven products. Its fat Burner is no exception.

While a lot of fat burners rely on large doses of caffeine that can make you jittery, anxious, or unable to sleep, Performance Lab’s is free from stimulants and harmful additives which make it one of the safest fat burners out there.

It contains Coleus Forskolin to promote fat metabolism, cayenne pepper extract for increased metabolic rate, and black pepper extract for increased activation and absorption. It is also non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and allergen friendly.

If you are thinking you will miss the energy boost that caffeine can provide, you can easily get it from a delicious coffee and let this product works its magic without overstimulating your nervous system.

Performance Lab Far burner is once a day, about an hour before working out and It is specially formulated to be used in conjunction with intermittent fasting. You can use it without but by following the recommended use you’ll get better results from this. product.

Their product is only available direct from their own website, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and there are discounts available for buying in bulk.


  • 100% vegan-friendly.
  • Caffeine-free.
  • Only need to take it once a day.
  • Uses several mechanisms to promote fat loss.
  • Helps regulate appetite.
  • Regulates hormones for muscle maintenance and growth.


  • Doesn’t give you the caffeine energy boost.

What are costumers saying?

Works Great! The fat burner works really well. It really gives me an advantage when I’m fasting and exercising. Mix them with clean eating and you’ll see results quick!

2. Editor’s Choice for Women: Lean Bean Vegan Fat Burner

best vegan fat burner

Why do we like it?

  • Designed especially for women.
  • Helps control hunger with appetite-suppressing konjac fiber.
  • Contains green coffee that promotes fat-burning metabolism.
  • Women reported seeing good results.

The LeanBean formula contains Chromium Picolinate, Konjac Fiber, and Vitamins B6 and B12 which help control your appetite, increase fat metabolism as well as improving your. energy levels.

LeanBean has been created specifically for women wanting to lose weight and provides not only with fat-burning ingredients but overall healthy additions to your diet like Vitamin B6 and B12 for energy, chloride for better digestion and lower blood pressure and acai berry – for antioxidants.

When it comes to its fat loss properties it uses several ingredients and mechanisms:

  • Zinc for better fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Turmeric for stim-free thermogenesis
  • Garcinia cambogia for increased satiety
  • Piperine black pepper extract for increased absorption

It also contains green coffee extract but is low in caffeine since it doesn’t rely on it to optimize your metabolism for faster fat burning. You can take LeanBean at night, and it won’t stop you sleeping.

The manufacturers at LeanBean claim that it can target stubborn body fat from problem areas like the hips and thighs but we haven’t found any research backing it up.

There are many reviews from women saying they have seen results using this product in as little as one month and others mention having felt less hunger and cravings.

It is recommended to take 6 capsules of LeanBean per day, 2 with each meal.


  • Low-caffeine formula doesn’t disrupt sleep
  • Designed specifically for women
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Burns fat and suppresses appetite.
  • Added ingredients for energy, digestion, and antioxidants.
  • Positive feedback from users.


  • You need to take two capsules, three times per day
  • Doesn’t help maintain muscle mass.

What are costumers saying?

best vegan fat burner

 “I found Leanbean when I was looking up the best diet pills. After hours of searching, I could only find pills that people said made them feel jittery, lightheaded, etc. I also had no idea what some of the ingredients were in those diet pills. I finally came across Leanbean, and the review said it was the number one diet pill for women. I knew what all of the ingredients were, and I could not find a single bad review. After reading the testimonials I ordered a bottle and was so excited to try it. I have been taking it for a month now and I have never felt better.

Check out our in-depth LeanBean Review here

3. Most Known Brand: Burn XT Thermogenic Vegan Fat Burner

Why do we like it?

  • Burns body fat while preserving lean muscle
  • Increases energy and suppresses appetite
  • Boosts metabolism and improves mood
  • Vegan-friendly, made in the USA

Burn XT claims to use what they call “the most powerful fat-burning ingredients available”. That is definitely one strong claim but they are also one of the better know brands when it comes to fat burners and they use 9 ingredients, with a solid scientific background.

The manufacturers say that Burn XT can burn body fat, increase energy, preserve lean muscle, curb hunger, boost metabolism, and improve your mood all at the same time.

The revies on this porduct are also very positive including a costumers that claims to have gotten “amazing results” and another that says to have list 25 pounds in 6 weeks.

The product is on the high-end of the scale in terms of price, but it also comes with 90 capsules, which is equivalent to 45 days of servings.

They are also very transparent about the ingredients and the dosage of each which is something most brands don’t do and speaks for how much they believe in their formula. They also have a few patented ingredients so that might explain why they feel comfortable sharing the information without the risk of being copied.

The ingredients include L-Carnitine, Theacrine (similar to caffeine without the negative effects), Capsimax (cayenne pepper extract), and Infinergy (a combination of caffeine and malic acid that counteracts the digestive distress caused by natural caffeine.)


  • Proven Ingredients
  • Transparency in the amounts of each one.
  • Provides energy without negative effects.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Positive results form customers.


  • A bit pricey

What are costumers saying?

best vegan fat burner

I liked how fast this worked! There’s a huge difference in the way that my clothes fit and just the side by side photos of a 6-day difference! I’ve learned to NEVER trust the scale cause I stayed the same weight but lost 2 inches on my waist and 1 1/2 on my hips! This stuff is amazing! Can’t wait to order more!

4. Best Caffeine Free: Lean PM Vegan Fat Burner

Why do we like it?

  • Suitable for night time. Added melatonin help longer, deeper sleep.
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Increases energy.
  • Helps relaxation and a better mood
  • Enhances immune system function and bone mineralization.

Losing fat while you sleep sounds almosts too goof to be true right? That is the promise of Lean PM, that claims to help you burn an extra 100 to 150 calories while helping you get a better and more rested sleep at night.

As we have mentioned, a lot of fat burners contain caffeine which helps boost your metabolism and burn more calories but it can also affect your sleep, especially if you take it too close to bedtime.

This is why LeanPM offers a different approach by using non-stimulating ingredients and adding melatonin that helps you get better rest. Since proper sleep is essential for fat loss, you are getting two benefits in one.

If you already sleep well enough or rather take this supplement during the day, there is a melatonin-free formulation available too.


  • Promotes fat loss and increased energy
  • Sleep-enhancing ingredients
  • Free of stimulants
  • Also available without melatonin.


  • Customers mentioned they didn’t feel it help control hunger.

What are costumers saying?

best vegan fat burner

I’m loving this product. I started taking lean pm almost 3 weeks ago. I’ve managed to lose almost 15 pounds. It has literally taken away the sugar cravings and I have no side effects when I wake up. I try to drink at least 90 to 100oz of water a day just to help. I was so skeptical when I started this but I have to say it really works. If I actually worked out who knows what would happen. Lol. I plan to start soon. It’s just hard with 12 hours days. Hope this helps

5. Best For Mental Benefits: Genius Burn Vegan Fat Burner

Why do we like it?

  • 2 in 1 Fat Burner and Nootropic
  • Improves focus and overall mood.
  • Free of stimulants
  • Can be taken at any time.
  • Helps control hunger and cravings.
  • Ashwagandha for muscle preservation, fat loss, and a better mood

Genius Fat Burner is another product that is free of stimulants and caffeine yet it provides increased focus and concentration thanks to its added nootropic ingredients.

In this sense, Genius Burn is a is not just a thermogenic fat-burner but also a mood and cognition enhancer that makes it easier to stick to your diet and workouts.

Genius Fat Burner contains several blends to create a unique fat burner. All nine are tried and tested, that not only affect your body but also your brain.

Although a bit unorthodox for a fat-burning supplement, it is still well-formulated. Many users report that instead of the usual ‘rush’ of other fat burners, they get a boost of sustainable energy and a slow and steady increase to fat burning.


  • 2-in1 fat burning and nootropic effects.
  • Burns fat improves energy and boosts brain performance.
  • Reduces stress, cravings, and appetite naturally
  • Free of caffeine and stimulants.


  • Maybe not as potent as other supplements.

What are costumers saying?

best vegan fat burner

“Genius Burn ACTUALLY works! In conjunction with proper diet and some weight training, I’m down 9% body fat as I just begin to start my second bottle (second month). The change in appetite I feel is undeniable and my hunger seems to be forever curbed. It doesn’t hurt my stomach like fat burners in the past have. I’m still able to see improvements in my lifts at the gym while cutting body fat. When I take it before the gym, I sweat like crazy and feel very focused. It actually makes me very focused & alert in general. This stuff works and it’s ABSOLUTELY worth the investment.

6. Best New Release: Liv BodyShredded Vegan Fat Burner

Why do we like it?

  • Increase Caloric Expenditure
  • Helps burn fat in 3 stages.
  • Enhanced Focus and Energy Levels
  • All-natural proven ingredients.
  • Free of stimulants.
  • Helps control hunger and cravings.
  • Consistent energy without crashing.

Liv Body Shredded Vegan Fat Burner is formulated with scientifically researched and clinically proven doses of natural ingredients and claims to be “the most advanced thermogenic fat burner on the market.”

The manufacturer days their formula is proven to speed up your metabolism, curb cravings, utilize and burn fat stores for energy and dramatically increase the fat burning process while active and at rest. sounds good huh?

The label is also super transparent about the ingredients and the amount of each one that are used including: Capsimax (Increases Basil Metabolic Rate), Grains of paradise (Converts Stubborn Fatty Acids into Energy), Garcinia Cambogia (inhibits the Absorption of Carbs and Fat), and Green Tea Extract (Helps Reduce Glucose AbsorptionGives a Boost of Energy).


  • All-natural ingredients
  • 3 fat burning mechanisms.
  • Free of stimulants.
  • Reputable brand.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Is a bit new in the market

What are costumers saying?

best vegan fat burner

“It’s been curbing my appetite and that’s where I’ve really struggled in the past. I also LOVE that there is NOT that jittery feeling at all!! That in combination with all the energy I feel, allows me to get all the things accomplished I need, and get a good night’s rest. I’ve also lost weight, and can already start to see a difference in the way my clothes are fitting! The pills are easy to swallow too!.

7. Best For Appetite Control: Nutra Leaf Vegan Fat Burner

 best vegan fat burner

Why do we like it?

  • Controls your cravings
  • Stimulates your metabolism
  • Helps eliminate stubborn fat without muscle loss
  • Scientifically proven thermogenic process 

NutraLeaf is a fat burner that promises to not only promote fat loss and weight loss but it also claims to prevent “new” fat from forming. Promising right? It even has countless of online reviews with happy customers but they are mostly in their own website so they can be partial.

It contains raspberry ketones that help to break down body fat into fatty acids by enhancing your metabolism but what people rave the most about is how it helps control appetite and cravings. So, if you are someone who can benefit from that then consider giving this fat burner a try.

They recommend taking one serving (two veggie capsules) in the morning after breakfast for better results. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if for some reason you are not satisfied.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegan and Non-GMO.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not 100% organic.

What are costumers saying?

“I love this product real result and I look better than ever”

How do Vegan Fat Burners work?

When it comes to weight loss and more specifically, fat loss, fat burner supplements are no magic bullets that can defy the laws of nature.

So, how do Fat burners really work to achieve their promises?

To put it as simple as possible, fat burners work by triggering metabolic processes in your body that target body fat for energy expenditure.

They also often contain ingredients that reduce the ability to turn excess glucose into fat for storage.

In summary, fat burners can help to promote weight loss through different mechanisms:

1. Increases Metabolism

The principles of weight loss are quite simple.

  • Eat more calories than what your body needs, it’ll store them as fat.
  • Eat fewer calories than what your body needs, it’ll use some of its fat for energy A.k.a fat loss.

Most fat burners produce a thermogenic effect that boosts metabolism. In consequence, this increases the calories you burn, creates a larger calorie deficit which results in greater fat loss.

Caffeine is one of the most effective thermogenic ingredients but it can also cause harmful effects at large doses. so supplement companies are using other alternatives.

2. Lipolysis

Another bodily mechanism used by fat burner is lipolysis.

Lipolysis means that any dietary fat or fat stored in your body is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol are released into the bloodstream so that the cells in your body can generate energy.

Lipolysis is induced by the following hormones: glucagon, epinephrine, norepinephrine, ghrelin, growth hormone, testosterone, and cortisol.

Fat burning supplements create a hormone boosting process, that leads to an increase in the amount of fat loss.

3. Increases Energy and Well-Being

By following the principles of fat loss, anyone should be able to achieve it by simply eating less and moving more.

However, many people struggle with the necessary focus and consistency reacquired to see and maintain results.

In this sense, fat burners also help by improving you mood and overall wellbeingwhich are key factor on your weightloss journey.

Fat burners use ingredients like 5-HTP and other similar compounds to promote concentration and energy levels.

If you’re are feeling great and have a lot of energy you are more likely to maintain your diet and workouts than if you are feeling tired and moody, which can happen when you are on a caloric deficit.

4. Controls Appetite

Finally, fat burners also help weight loss by reducing your appetite. This way it is easier to stick to your chosen diet without feeling hunger or cravings.

Fat burners do not work if you are not doing your part when it comes to your diet and exercise and this is another proof of how important those are to achieve your goals.

Vegan Fat Burner Ingredients

Here are some of the most commonly used ingredients in fat burners.

1. Green Tea Extract

best vegan fat burner

Green tea extract is known for its many health benefits including increased fat oxidation and metabolism.

As you might know, green tea is a natural source of caffeine which is a strong thermogenic fat burner. But the real powerhouse component in green tea is an antioxidant called catechin.

A 12-week randomized clinical trial showed that volunteers who consumed 690 mg of catechins per day had significantly lower body weight, waist circumference, body fat mass, and subcutaneous fat vs those who consumed only 22 mg.

2. Caffeine

best vegan fat burner

We all know that drinking too much caffeine is not good and can even be dangerous but natural caffeine in coffee or tea is safe in moderation.

Several studies have suggested that caffeine can induce thermogenesis, boost your metabolism, and increase the number of calories burned.

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you must be familiar with the effects of caffeine to quickstart your energy. This is why fat burners that contain it allow you to go above and beyond when it comes to burning calories during a workout, which is among the most important factors in weight loss.

3. Capsaicinoids And Capsinoids

best vegan fat burner

Capsaicinoids and capsinoids are the compounds that give chili and cayenne peppers their notable heat.

While these have been found to speed up metabolism and reduce fat tissue, as well as reduce appetite and energy intake, the mechanism by which they do it is still not fully understood.

But that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from using them into into thermogenic fat burners with the goal of helping you burn an extra couple of calories per day.

4. Synephrine

best vegan fat burner

Synephrine is a biogenic amine that can be found in the peels of citrus plants and it’s another potent ingredient found in fat burners.

It works by boosting the metabolic rate via increasing fat oxidation and basal metabolic rate but there are still doubts over the effects of synephrine and its actual effects on the body.

A study of 10 subjects given 50 mg of p-synephrine revealed that the volunteers burned 65 more calories in the first 75 minutes after taking the supplement versus those who were given the placebo.

Additionally, a review of 20 different studies and 360 subjects came to the conclusion that synephrine increases energy expenditure and leads to weight loss (1).

However, the studies are either too small, or there isn’t significant evidence to back up the claims made by supplement companies.

5. Coleus forskohlii

best vegan fat burner

Coleus forskohlii is a herb belonging to the mint family and another common ingredient in fat burners as it has a good amount of research supporting it as a natural fat burner.

In a 12-week study, overweight men were given 250 mg coleus forskohlii extract twice a day a significant decrease in fat mass, and a slight improvement in lean body mass versus placebos.

6. Soluble fiber

Soluble fiber is one of two types of fiber. The other one is insoluble.

This type of fiber is found in oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley, and psyllium and dissolves in water to form a gel-like material.

Soluble fiber helps increase hormones like GLP-1 that make you feel full while suppressing appetite hormones like ghrelin.

Additionally, a 2010 study found that it may help your body take in less fat and calories, which as a result, allows you to burn excess fat for energy expenditure.

7. Yohimbine

Yohimbine is famous for its supposedly aphrodisiac properties but it also has some suggested fat-burning potential.

Yohimbine allows adrenaline to stay in your body for longer to burn fat and produce energy. It does it by blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors to which adrenaline commonly binds.

Furthermore, a 2006 study with 20 professional soccer players showed that taking yohimbine reduced their body fat composition by 2.2 percent.

Considering they were already a fit athlete with little body fat, 2.2 percent is a significant amount.

8. L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is probably the most famous fat burners. It so widely known, it is even marketed and sold by itself.

It has recently been proven to be directly linked to transporting fatty acids from food into the mitochondria of the cell. There, they can be converted into energy making this process more efficient and avoiding fat storage.

L-Carnitine is not found in a significant amount in food but you can find it in some protein powders and of course, consider looking for it when choosing your fat burners.

Vegan Fat Burner Benefits

The benefits of Fat Burners might seem obvious seem losing fat is a goal in itself and one that can be hard to achieve for most people.

However, these supplements are not magic pills and won’t help you lose fat if you are not doing your part at following an exercise and workout regime. Put simply, you need to put in the work to see the benefits.

This is why fat burners are targetted towards people who already follow a healthy and active lifestyle as an added bonus to potentiate their results.

Vegan Fat burners can definitely assist with weight loss and provide added benefits such as improved focus, extra energy, and overall better mood. This, at the same time, offer a positive impact and help you adhere to your habits and goals.

If you are an active person, who exercises regularly and runs on a healthy diet yet still feel you could use some help to optimize your metabolism, you can enjoy the benefits of vegan far burners while maintaining your dietary choices.

Vegan Fat Burners Side Effects

Fat burners have evolved over the years and some ingredients that were dangerous have been removed but there are still some side effects that can appear.

While these are uncommon, it is best that you are aware so that you can take an informed decision.

Companies need to inform customers of all the possible consequences to rid themselves of any legal implications so you will find some scary warnings on some far burner labels.

Generally, you will find that side effects are most common in thermogenic supplements since they tend to contain caffeine, which in high doses can cause headaches, restlessness, anxiety, and in rare cases heart palpitations.

best vegan fat burner

Here are some possible side effects as well as precautions you can take to avoid them:

  • Anxiety: Fat burners have been associates with elevated stress hormone (cortisol) that affects your levels of anxiety. Caffeine in fat burners can make you feel anxious, jittery, or even exhausted.
  • Disrupted sleep: Stimulants found in fat burners can affect your sleeping patterns and increase your heart rate, leading to sleep prevention. Sleep is essential to long term weight loss, muscle maintenance, and overall health.
  • Increased blood pressure– The result of a sped-up metabolism can lead to your heart pumping faster than it should which can raise your blood pressure. If you have blood pressure issues definitely stay away from fat burners.
  • Mood changes– yohimbine, a common ingredient in fat burners, is associated with changes in behavior such as irritability, mood swings, aggressiveness, and nervousness. 
  • Dehydration: Sin fat burners induce thermogenesis, there is an increase in body temperature, so your body uses more water than usual to cool down. Make sure to drink significantly more water in order to stay hydrated.
  • Stomach problems– Fat burners can lead to stomach issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and other issues with bowel movements. 
  • Liver problems– Using too much natural “fat burners” supplements, can lead to acute liver failure. (2)

Improve the results of your Vegan Fat Burner

While a fat burner can certainly give you an extra push towards your fat loss goals, you need to maniantin a balanced diet and create a consistent caloric deficit.

That being said, here are some tips to consider on how to improve the results of your fat burner:

1. Increase protein intake

As a vegan, you are probably sick of hearing about protein but proteins are a natural thermogenic macronutrient. This means that the body consumes more energy to process protein than to process fats or carbohydrates.

Additionally, protein is essential to maintain and create lean muscle mass and is the only macronutrient that can not be stored as fat and it. The more muscles you have, the more calories your body consumes, and the easier it is to create a caloric deficit.

Check out our recommendations for the best vegan protein powder.

2. Maintain a strength training routine

A lot of people think that cardiovascular exercise is needed for fat loss but actually strength training is much more benefitial to achieve your weight loss goals.

Strength training helps build muscle which will contribute to improving your metabolism in the long term but it also burns calories during and after training, while it repairs and builds muscle.

Compared to cardiovascular exercise, strength training offers way better results for your time.

3. Eat healthy fats

It may seem counterproductive, but healthy fats can help you fight body fat. Whole foods vegan sources of fat help regulate hormones that promote muscle growth and also give you a feeling of satiety.

However, keep in mind that fats are more calorie-dense than carbohydrates or proteins so they should be consumed in moderation since a little goes a long way.

4. Exclude refined carbohydrates from your diet

Refined carbohydrates like white flours, white bread, pasta, and pastries not only lack any nutritional value but also a higher glycaemic index, which can cause blood sugar fluctuations and increased hunger.

To maximize results, replace refined carbohydrates from your diet, like pasta, processed foods, white bread, and breakfast cereals. for whole-grain bread, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, or oats.

5. Get more sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal changes that cause increased appetite, which can make it harder to stick to your diet and stop you from reaching your goals.

On the other hand, sleep that lasts at least 7 hours offers many benefits for the overall functioning of the body, the immune system, and last but not least, for body weight.

Several studies have proved the association between sufficient sleep and weight loss confirming that good sleep increases the likelihood of weight loss by up to 33%. 

If your fat burner is stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep, try not taking it after six o’clock in the evening, or replace it with a caffeine-free burner such as L-carnitine.

Who can Benefit From a Fat Burner Supplement?

  • People on a weight loss journey: Anyone who is already following a diet and exercise routine is already committed to doing their part of the job. In this case, a fat burner can give them an extra advantage to help them lose body fat which can also help them stay motivated.
  • Bodybuilders: Weightlifters, bodybuilding, figure competitors, and fitness enthusiasts are probably the people who can rely on fat burners the most. The energy-boosting and appetite suppressing capabilities (and more), can make it easier to sustain intense workouts, achieve a specific goal, or break a plateau while being on a calorie-deficient.

Non-Vegan Ingredients To Look Out For

All the Fat Burners on this list are 100% Vegan but if you go decide to look for a different one, here are some non-vegan ingredients to check for in the labels and avoid them at all costs:

  • Gelatin
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Progesterone
  • Glucosamine
  • Linoleic Acid

When it comes to other weight loss supplements, there are more non-vegan ingredients that can be hiding but these are the ones most common in thermogenic fat burners.

Vegan Fat Burner FAQ

Do fat burners really work?

Fat Burners ‘work’ as long as there are other conditions in place like a healthy balanced diet, exercise, and more importantly a consistent caloric deficit.
In this case, fat burners can be a valuable ally but they do not work by magic.

They will help curb your appetite, boost your energy, help fat be used for energy, and increase your metabolism, but none of those will make any difference if you have an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

How Should You Use A Fat Burner?

Like any other supplement, you should pay close attention to the information on the product packaging. For fat burners with a high caffeine content, consider taking them in the morning and after your workout to make the most of its benefits and also avoid messing up your sleep.

Also, consider that they are not meant to be a lifetime thing, they’re typically meant for short 1-3 month cycles since after that your body will get used to them and they’stop making a difference.

Taking them before a meal or snack can also speed up absorption and limit any chance of nausea

Can I Use Fat Burners With Other Supplements?

There are no contraindications of taking a fat burner with supplements like protein powder and pre-workouts but always check the instructions on the labels in case they recommend differently.
Also, remember that some pre-workouts contain caffeine in the same way as some fat burners so is not a good idea to take both.
Don’t take two different fat burners, or exceed the recommended dosage. there are already some side effects involved so those can be worse by not respecting the dosage.

Are vegan fat burners safe?

Yes, they are safe, as long as you stick with the recommended dose and avoid any products that you could be allergic to but if you want to be 100% sure we recommend you consulting with a doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

Should vegans take fat burners?

Fat burners are not necessary for fat loss. However, it is totally ok for vegans to choose to take one since they are many high-quality fat burners that are vegan friendly.

Which is the best Vegan Fat Burner?

While we believe all the fat burners on this list offer great quality and benefits if we’d need to choose it’d be Performance Lab for men and LeanBean for women.

For men Performance Lab vegan fat burner supplement has a superior formula that works to suppress appetite and give you an energy boost at the gym helping you make the most of your workouts while enhancing fat-burning metabolism.

For women, LeanBean, it’s been specially formulated with Glucomannan to curve cravings, which has been proven to work differently in men and women. It is also filled with nutritious fat-burning ingredients such as Chromium Picolinate, Konjac Fiber, and Vitamins B6 and B12.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are plenty of pure and healthy vegan fat loss capsules to try out there, so don’t lose hope if you’re trying to burn the fat away on a plant-based diet.

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