23 Vegan Protein Powder Recipes (That Are Not Smoothies)


Are you looking for recipes that include your vegan protein powder that are not smoothies? Using your plant-based protein powder on meals, snacks and desserts can help you increase your protein intake while enjoying a delicious treat.

Nowadays, there are some high-quality plant-based protein powders with clean ingredients and nice flavors. Some even have added benefits such as probiotics, superfoods, and micronutrients. By including them as part of your cooking you can meet your protein requirements, stay full, and reap all the extra perks.

Why cook with Vegan Protein Powder?

1. It is an excellent source of complete protein

Protein is made of amino acids, 8 of which are considered essential since our body can not produce them on its own and we need to get them from foods.

Most plant sources of protein do not contain all essential amino acids so they are considered ‘incomplete’. This is no problem since you can easily ‘make’ a complete protein by combining different plant food like beans and rice.

Vegan Protein Powders have been created to include all essential amino acids so they also offer you a complete source of protein. By cooking with your plant-based protein powder, you increase your intake of all necessary amino acids.

2. Muscle growth and maintenance

Protein is essential to gain and maintain muscle mass which, at the same time, is essential for a healthy metabolism and a lean figure.

If you are looking to either gain muscle mass or lose body fat, consuming the right amount of protein is key to make sure you can achieve your fitness goals.

While you can get enough protein from whole foods, including some recipes made with vegan protein powder, can help you meet your protein needs while adding variety and healthy treats into your diet.

3. Vegan Protein Powder is Filling and Helps Control Hunger

Foods have different satiating levels depending on its composition and protein is by far the most filling of all three macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and protein).

If you are following a diet with controlled calories, including protein powder in your vegan recipes can help you stay on track and avoid hunger and cravings.

Additionally, some of the recipes on this list are easy to bring on the go with you so you can avoid resorting to other unhealthy options when hungry.


1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats

vegan protein powder recipes

If you like Peanut Butter & Jelly and overnight oats, you need to try this recipe by Eating Bird Food.

It is filled with healthy fats from the peanut butter and it also uses chia strawberry jelly for extra creaminess and thickness. You can make it with your favorite Vanilla Protein Powder. My favorite one is Vanilla Ice Cream Protein by Vedge Nutrition.


2. Easy Peanut Butter Protein Bars

vegan protein powder recipes

Looking for a high-protein snack to bring on to go? These Peanut Butter Protein Bars from Seeded at the table are a healthy and satisfying alternative.

The original recipe uses Vanilla Protein Powder but I made them with Peanut Butter Cup Protein and have zero regrets.

They also use honey which is not vegan but you can replace it with Maple Syrup or Monk Fruit Sweetener.

3. Easy Vegan Protein Waffles

vegan protein powder recipes

If you want to switch up your daily bowl of oats for something more indulgent yet healthy, check out these Vegan Protein Waffles by Fit Vegan Chef.

They high in protein, oil-free, gluten-free, and soy-free plus easy and quick to make. They only use 7 ingredients and you can make them with your favorite protein powder. I tried them with LivBody Cake Batter Protein Powder and they were amazing!

4. Fluffy Protein Pancakes

vegan protein powder recipes

Fluffy, healthy, high protein…pancakes. That is a lot of my favorite things in one meal. If you are anything like me, this recipe from Running On Real Food will become your Sunday staple.

As the name says, it only uses 4 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to make. I use LivBody Cake Batter Protein for a non-chalky texture or you can use your favorite plant-based protein powder.

5. Vegan Protein Powder Cookies

vegan protein powder recipes

The people at ProteinPow rightfully wonder ‘are these the best protein cookies on Earth?‘.

I wouldn’t dare to make such a bold statement because I want to believe there are many amazing protein cookies. But I must admit, these are really good, especially for a healthy 6-ingredient recipe (one of those being the protein powder).

They call for unflavored protein powder like the one from MyProtein or Naked Nutrition.

 6. Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

vegan protein powder recipes

If you want to treat yourself while fueling your muscle gains, take a look at this Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe by Truvani. The main ingredients are bananas and chocolate protein powder so you could argue you are eating a high protein fruit salad *wink wink*.

7. Vegan Protein Cookies

vegan protein powder recipes

Can you imagine enjoying some afternoon tea with chocolate cookies while staying on track with your diet and protein goals?

These chocolate protein cookies by My Quite Kitchen use pea protein powder, are oil-free, and offer a whopping 17 grams of protein per serving.

8. Vegan Protein Brownie Bites

vegan protein powder recipes

This Vegan Protein Brownie Bites recipe by The Big Man’s World is flourless which makes it also Keto and Paleo-friendly if that is something that is important to you.

They only require 5 ingredients and take 5 minutes to prepare. I made them with LivBody Chocolate Cake Protein Powder and the texture was perfect but you cal use your favorite protein powder or check their recommendations in the post.

9. Protein Carrot Cake Donuts

vegan protein powder recipes

If you like carrot cake, you are going to love these Protein Carrot Cake Donuts by bodybuilder Natalie Matthews.

With or without the frosting, it offers friendly macros for weight loss with high protein and low fat. You can also make them into muffins if you don’t have a donut mold or simply prefer so.

Natalie uses LivBody Cinnamon coffee cafe protein powder which is no longer available but I made them with the Snickerdoodle flavor and it worked perfectly.

10. Sunwarrior Butter Cup Bites

vegan protein powder recipes

If you used to enjoy Reese’s Penaut Butter Cups until you learned they were either vegan nor healthy, this raw protein butter cups recipe form Raw Revive will make you forget about them.

These are also raw, gluten-free, and oil-free. They are so healthy I am not sure they can even be considered dessert but I am not complaining.

As you can imagine by the name they use Sunwarrior Protein Powder but you can also choose to replace it for your favorite plant-based protein.

11. Vegan Protein Oat Cookies

vegan protein powder recipes

This recipe by @pursuitofhealth is a healthy twist on the classic oat cookie. It uses chickpea flour and protein powder to wheat flour and create a protein-packed treat.

If you are in Australia or can get your hands on some Botanika Protein powder I highly recommended, the Chai Latte it is one of my all-time favorites. Otherwise, the Livbody Cake Batter also works perfectly for this recipe if you are in the US or Canada.

12. Vegan Protein Blueberry Pancakes

vegan protein powder recipes

How many pancakes recipes is too many pancakes recipes? that’s right…none!

This Blueberry Pancakes by Emilie Eats definitely deserved a spot on the list. They are not only delicious but also healthy and protein-packed.

The recipe uses Bob Red Mill’s Vanilla Protein Powder but I have also tried them with LivBody Blueberry Protein and I still can’t decide which one was my favorite.

13. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

vegan protein powder recipes

Think cookie dough but make it healthy and this recipe is what you’ll get!

You can toss up the 5 ingredients of this recipe by Daily Burn and have a high-protein delicious snack ready in no time.

It is also flour-free, oil-free, gluten-free, and even paleo and keto-friendly. You can use Vanilla Protein Powder or choose your favorite flavor for a personal touch.

14. Vegan Protein Muffins

vegan protein powder recipes

Who doesn’t love a muffin right out of the oven? This Protein Muffins by Vegan Hugs has nothing to envy at ‘regular’ muffins and will make your satisfy all your sweet cravings with a high protein treat.

The ingredients are simple, and get tossed into a blender and poured straight into a muffin tin for an easy cleanup.

Use Bob Red Mill’s Vanilla Protein Powder or your favorite plant-based protein.

15. Vegan Protein Brownies

vegan protein powder recipes

This list wouldn’t be complete without a good brownie recipe like this one from Purely Kaylie.

These brownies are also gluten-free and made with simple and healthy ingredients. They contain no flour or added sugar and are perfect for a pre or post-workout snack instead of your usual protein shake.

You can use Organifi’s Chocolate Protein Powder as the recipe suggest or your favorite plant passed chocolate protein.

16. High Protein Vegan French Toast

vegan protein powder recipes

If you are looking for a high-protein yet indulgent breakfast, this French Toast recipe by Fit Vegan Chef is healthy, delicious, and easy to make.

It only requires a few ingredients and a few minutes and offers 40g of protein which is more than most protein shakes.

Make it with LivBody Chai Protein as recommended in the recipe or with your plant-based protein of choice.

17. Protein Chia Pudding Cups

vegan protein powder recipes

Chia puddings might as well be the healthiest treat out there and this recipe by Fit Foodies Finds makes them even better by adding the high-protein factor.

You can make this in just a couple of minutes and customize these to your preference by using your favorite protein powder of choice and whatever toppings you like.

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18. Marble Protein Blondies

vegan protein powder recipes

This Marble Protein Blondies recipe by VeganByEdie is as healthy as it gets. They are naturally vegan, oil-free, and high in protein.

These are made with Botanika Blends Cake Batter Protein but I have also made them with LivBody Cake Batter Protein. and they turned out perfect.

You only need to be careful not to leave them around if you are like me and don’t like sharing your protein treats!

19. Vegan Banana Protein Muffins

vegan protein powder recipes

These Vegan Protein Banana Muffins recipe by Okinomo Kitchen is healthy, satisfying, and delicious.

They are made with only 7 simple ingredients and they’re low in sugar, gluten-free and oil-free. You can make them in under 30 minutes and they are the perfect healthy breakfast or snack.

I made this recipe with Vedge Vanilla Protein Powder or you can use your favorite bake-friendly plant-based protein.

20. Choc PB Protein Loaf

vegan protein powder recipes

These Chocolate Peanut Butter mini loaves by VeganByEden are not only cute but they are also delicious and high in protein to help you get some protein in with your afternoon treat.

They are also perfect to pack for lunch or to bring to a potluck if you feel like sharing your protein goodness.

Make them with Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Powder like Vedge’s or your favorite plant-based protein.

21. Salted Caramel Chocolate Espresso Protein Pudding

vegan protein powder recipes

This chocolate protein pudding recipe from Veggies Don’t Bite is a healthy and rich dessert with zero refined sugar and lots of plant-based protein.

It has an extra hint of espresso which makes it perfect to bit the afternoon slump but if you are sensitive to caffeine you can always leave it out and enjoy the chocolate decadence.

This one is made with Sunwarrior Protein Powder but you can also use your favorite chocolate vegan protein.

22. Protein Chocolate Fudge

vegan protein powder recipes

This ‘Not so fudgy chocolate fudge’ recipe from Nourish.by.g only uses 3 ingredients and it’s super easy and quick to make.

It is also gluten-free and flour-free since it only requires vegan protein powder, coconut cream, and dar chocolate.

You can make the with Botanika Blends Cacao Hazelnut Protein or your favorite chocolate protein powder.

23. Superberry Acai Bowl

vegan protein powder recipes

This protein-packed bowl recipe from The Simple Veganista is made with acai berry which is a Brazilian superfood packed with antioxidants, essential aminos and omega fatty acids.

You can top it with your favorite fruits, granola or seeds and it’s perfect as a breakfast on a hot day or a post-workout snack.

Try it with your favorite plant-based protein, I found to work great with a berry-flavored protein powder like Livbody Strawberry Milkshake.

Vegan Protein Powder Recipes FAQ

Can you bake with vegan protein powder?

Unlike whey protein, plant-based protein powders work perfectly for cooking and baking since they don’t become rubbery. This means they’re great to add to your favorite recipes while getting some extra protein in.

When choosing a protein powder, make sure the flavor matches the recipe requirements or you might end up changing the final result.

Can I replace flour with protein powder?

Protein powder can technically replace flour in all sorts of baked goods but it is better to ask the creator of each recipe since the quantities might vary and you might need to add or leave out other ingredients to achieve the desired texture.

What is the best vegan protein powder for baking?

You want a plant-based protein powder that dissolved easily and has a non-chalky texture. I love baking with LivBody Protein Powder and also find their variety of flavor to work great for any recipe.

You can also get 20% off with code VeganFitGuide (we also get a commission while you save some money)


Will you try any of these recipes? Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite!

If you are looking for High Protein Vegan Smoothies Recipes make sure to check out this article.



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