Are Gummy bears Vegan? Best Vegan-Friendly Delicious Gummies

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What do you mean gummy bears are not vegan?

That’s been the reaction many of my friends and family have had when they have offered me a gummy bear and have had to explain that (most of them) are not vegan.

If you are new to veganism you also might be surprised by all the animal-derived ingredients that are used in products you would expect to be vegan-friendly.

The involvement of the meat and dairy industry in all food production activities is huge and the use of animal ingredients as additives and is a by-product of it.

The truth is, before vegetarianism and veganism, people wouldn’t question or care if there was an animal ingredient on their bread or candy so some products wouldn’t even mention it.

But nowadays, vegans know it is best to doubt all product to not be vegan unless the opposite has been proved.

So, let’s examine why gummy bears are usually not vegan, which ones are vegan friendly and which popular ones to avoid.

Why Most Gummy Bears Aren’t Vegan

If you are wondering why gummy bears are often not vegan, here is a list of the non-vegan ingredients to watch out for: